Learning Difficulties Assessment - College Version
Learning Difficulties Assessment -  College Version

Welcome to the Learning Difficulties Assessment!

The Learning Difficulties Assessment - College Version (LDA-CV) is designed to evaluate perceived difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, listening, concentration, memory, organizational skills and anxiety. The LDA-CV is appropriate for individuals 17 through adult enrolled in college and university settings. For counselors and teachers, the LDA-CV can help map individual learning strengths and weaknesses and identify individuals who might be at risk for learning disorders (and who thus should seek further assessment).

The LDA-CV is free, easy to complete, and not a psychological test. The results of the assessment are confidential and are printed for the user immediately upon its completion. A copy of your results can also be sent to your email address.

As you answer each question, the assessment will advance automatically to the next question. Though some of the questions may seem similar or repetitive, just answer each question as honestly and accurately as you can.

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